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In the event of death, the procedure is as follows: First, the death must be declared and a death certificate prepared.

If the death occurred at home, the death must be certified by a doctor. If the death occurred in hospital, the medical personnel will take care of it. If the death is due to an accident or suicide, it is advisable to contact the police station.

The next step is to register the death by contacting the municipality where the death occurred within 24 hours. If the death occurred in a hospital or nursing home, staff can take care of it. The registrar will then draw up the death certificate and provide you with several copies, which you will need to transfer the body.

Finally, the funeral ceremony must be prepared according to the wishes of the deceased, expressed orally or in a will. Our professionals can help you organise the ceremony according to your wishes, be it burial or cremation, with or without a religious ceremony.