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Code of ethics

Servizi Funebri Nebuloni represents a focal point in the management and execution of all funeral activities and practices and post-mortem assistance.

Integrity, transparency, trust, innovation and sustainability

Are the core values of Servizi Funebri Nebuloni.

The principles that guide our daily actions

These are the principles that guide our daily actions and relationships and define our ethical and social responsibilities.

Read here below our Code of Ethics.

Codice etico Servizi Funebri Nebuloni

Servizi Funebri Nebuloni Code of Ethics

Servizi Funebri Nebuloni is committed to:

  • fully respect the ideas, wishes and religious beliefs expressed by the deceased and his family members
  • provide clear and complete information on the services offered and the relative prices by means of the Service Card and quotation, in relation to customers requests, to promptly inform them of any variation
  • promptly issue the invoice for the services provided
  • provide punctual and precise assistance to the client for the handling of the necessary administrative procedures, in full compliance with the regulations in place
  • act ethically and responsibly in compliance with the laws in force, with particular attention to the regulations on funeral services, safety at work and respect for the environment
  • ensure that  the personnel is constantly informed and trained on the best procedures to be adopted, in full respect of the deceased and of the family grief
  • work honestly, fairly, loyally and confidentially with all parties involved, including customers, suppliers, contractors and institutions
  • use decorum, clarity and sensitivity when presenting and advertising services and products
  • ensure that under no circumstances are any gratuities or rewards paid to third parties for the acquisition of funerals or confidential information on the dying person’s state of health
  • act in compliance with the principle of fair competition by adopting correct and transparent behaviour towards operators in the sector

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