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Quality and certifications

Servizi Funebri Nebuloni places at the centre of its philosophy the commitment to all aspects of company quality, whether it be the services offered to individuals and companies or company management (economic and personnel).

Our aim is quality

Our main objective is to offer individuals and companies quality, safe and personalised services according to their needs.

As well as guaranteeing our employees a safe, stimulating and fertile working environment for their professional growth.

Quality culture

The constant commitment to the multiple aspects of quality is an essential, valuable and distinctive element of our identity.

We are all actively committed to improving and consolidating the quality and safety of Servizi Funebri Nebuloni, and leading advocates of the culture of quality with which we share principles, values and guidelines.


In acknowledgement of this commitment, all of our services and activities comply with the requirements of the main regulatory requirements:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for our management system
  • UNI EN 15017:2006 guidelines
  • and we refer to corporate sustainability criteria

Continuous commitment


Compliance with current regulations


Accurate management of company finances


Promotion of health and safety at work


Offering quality, punctual and accurate services

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