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Numero attivo 24/7

Legge regionale n. 33-2009

Title VI Rules on prevention and health promotion Chapter III “Regulations on necropsy, funeral and cemetery activities and services” (Art. 67 – Art. 77) This Chapter regulates the activities and services related to death, respecting the dignity and the different religious and cultural conditions of each person, in order to protect the interest of funeral […]

DPR 285 del 10 settembre 1990 – Regolamento di polizia mortuaria

These Mortuary Police Regulations govern the activities and services related to: Reporting the cause of death and ascertaining deaths (Chapter I) Period of observation of corpses (Chapter II) Observation depots and mortuaries (Chapter III) Transport of cadavers (Chapter IV) Diagnostic investigation (Chapter V) Release of cadavers for study purposes (Chapter VI) Removal of cadaver parts […]

Breve informativa in materia di rilascio certificazioni

This information notice highlights the tools and channels that the Municipality of Milan makes available to all proceeding administrations and public service providers in order to quickly verify the self-certifications and substitute declarations received. This is because as of 1 January 2012 new legislation came into force that amended the previous law of 12 November […]

Lombardia Circolare n 21 del 30 maggio 2005

Guidelines for the application of Regulation no. 6 of 9 November 2004 “Regulation on funeral and cemetery activities”. The purpose of this circular is to clarify and better specify certain aspects of the reorganisation of the subject that have given rise to interpretative doubts. The references are to: Regional law 8 February 2005 no. 6 […]