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Plan ahead service

Plan ahead service

Servizi Funebri Nebuloni provides you with a plan-ahead service to plan your funeral arrangements in advance, ensuring that your family and friends avoid stress and confusion at the time of your passing.

previdenza funeraria

Pre-planning is a thoughtful gesture to those you love and a way to create a funeral that reflects your individual wishes.
This type of service has been created to meet the growing demand of the market in such a complex historical and social moment.
Pre-planning funeral arrangements is a simple process and our knowledgeable and friendly experts will be there to help you every step of the way. Request a personal appointment with a Servizi Funebri Nebuloni pre-planning advisor.

Why Plan Ahead?

Planning your funeral provides you with time to make end-of-life decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere.
It is a widely used service across Europe that is gaining ground in Italy as well.
Making the commitment to planning ahead allows you to organize your funeral in advance when you are still alive. It also relieves your family members of making decisions on your behalf at the time of need, and protecting them from unforeseen financial inflation and costs.
Planning in advance also guarantees total respect for your wishes, in every single detail, since everything will be regulated by a contract.

What are the advantages of planning ahead?

Planning ahead guarantees you:

  1. The right to freely choose –  without constraints – the funeral honour that gives you the most confidence, 
  2. No limits, when it comes to the type of service to be carried out,
  3. The organization of the funeral in advance,
  4. The execution of the funeral ceremony as expressed in your will,
  5. The possibility of withdrawal at any time.

What we do

Through a collaboration with the leading insurance company, our staff has designed a pre-planning funeral standard.
A simple insurance product to decide your funeral even in the smallest detail, in an intelligent and safe way.

Facilities and directions

Meet with our funeral service professionals in our Milan offices:

  • Head office – Via Fulton, 12 Milan
  • Viale Affori, 11 Milan

and Cormano offices:

  • Via Caduti della Libertà, 10 Cormano (MI)
  • Funeral Home – Via Antonio Gramsci, 93 Cormano (MI)

How to get to the North Milan Funeral Home

Tube & Bus

  • Metro Line 3 – Comasina stop  + Route 705 – 3rd stop


  • A4 Highway – Cormano  exit
  • SS 35 “Milano-Meda” – 2nd exit
  • Airport G. Clerici in Bresso

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